505 & 505XT

505 & 505XT

505 & 505XT

Easily configurable in the field, the new 505 & 505XT controllers with integrated operator control panel (OCP) has specifically-designed screens, algorithms, and event recorders to simplify its use in controlling industrial steam turbines or turboexpanders, driving generators, compressors, pumps, or industrial fans.

High technology

In addition, adjustment of your turbine system control loops is now totally automatic with Woodward’s OptiTune PID technology. This unique technology analyzes a steam turbine’s dynamic system response and then calculates the optimum P, I, and D settings for the specific turbine parameter (speed, load, pressure, etc.).

Different connections

The 505-505XT’s connection possibilities make any steam turbine easy to integrate into your plant or plant process by allowing direct communications with either DCS or remote operator control panels via Ethernet, CAN or Serial protocols.

– Critical speed avoidance (3 speed bands)
– Auto start sequence (hot & cold starts),
– Valve limiter(s)
– Security (program is password protected)
– Adaptive Speed/Load PID Dynamics.
– Speed/Load PID (with multiple dynamics & adaptive PID),
– Extraction/Admission pressure PID,
– Integral overspeed protection logic & test capability,
– First-out indication (10 individual shutdown inputs),
– Stuck in critical speed band logic,
– Local/remote control priority and selection.

Your turbine and thus your plant runs at optimum operation and performance.

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