Battery charger DSE 9462

Battery charger DSE 9462

DSE 9462

The DSE 9462 is a robust, lightweight, dual output, intelligent battery charger, designed for on-board vehicle use and applications that are using multiple batteries or loads. The charger can be programmed for different charging curves to maximise battery life. This is programmed using the user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC software via USB.


The charger is mounted to the chassis using the fixing holes that are built into the case. The charger’s stylish design includes four coloured LEDs to indicate charging status and fault conditions.

Modern unit

To give added durability, reliability and silent operation, the charger utilises modern, solid state design technology with no moving parts.

– Intelligent two, three & four stage charging profiles,
– Remote voltage sensing,
– Fully independent. Adjustable current limit on both charge outputs. Output 1 (24V) max 15 Amp. Output 2 (12V) max 10 Amp,
– Can be used as a battery charger, power supply or both at the same time.

– Provides safe and complete charging and charge maintenance of various battery types,
– To compensate for voltage drop due to cable resistance,
– Provides flexibility for multiple installation options,
– Offers the flexibility of one product to cater for both installation requirements.

– Overall size: 290 mm x 157 mm x 67 mm (9.4″ x 10.4 ” x 3.5″)
– Weight: 1.8kg

For added durability, reliability and silent operation, the charger utilises solid technology with no moving parts.


To read the technical documents, please click on the links below:

  • Technical description
  • Installation manual
  • User manual

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