C6200 is a generator controller comprising auto synchronizing, load sharing and versatile interfacing to speed governors and AVRs in one single unit. C6200 has been developed to complement the various solutions for synchronizing and load sharing available from the SELCO T-Line product range.

Simple installation

Moreover, the C6200 is built on a state-of-the-art technology platform introduced with the SELCO SIGMA system, offering a variety of additional features and possible interfacing to external control. Simple installation and easy confi guration are the SELCO qualities on which C6200 are based.


C6200 is designed for installation in electrical switch board panels. The sturdy aluminium casing furnishes clear LED indication and easy accessible connection terminals.

– Automatic synchronizing,
– Load sharing (active/reactive),
– Detection of reverse power,
– Detection of excitation loss,
– Programmable I/O,
– ROCOF relay, vector shift relay, frequency monitoring,
– Direct control of electronic speed governors and AVRs.

– Cogeneration,
– Applications including peak shaving or base load operation in heavy energy consuming industries, like oil refineries, petrochemical refineries, steel mills, mines, cement factories, fodd processing, etc.

– Revers power protection and loss of excitation protection are standard features of C6200,
– For grid parallel operation a vector shift or ROCOF protection can be activated.

– Two analogue outputs are available and can be configured as measurement transducer outputs.
– Any of the measurements can be connected to these outputs.

C6200 is compatible with the S6500 user interface module of the SIGMA system, and the dedicated C6250 display unit.


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