DPG & DYN1 Controllers

DPG & DYN1 Controllers

DPG Range

The DPG-2201-00X digital controller is used primarily to govern diesel or gas fueled engines of generator sets. This microprocessor-based, digital controller performs across a wide speed range and allows adjustment of all controller features through the built-in user interface. Properly tuned, this controller delivers fast engine response to speed or load changes while providing precise stable isochronous operation.

DYN1 analogue

The electronic controller is the information processing unit of the governor assembly. It contains electronic components which process the input signal from the magnetic pickup and control the engine to the desired speed/RPM set into the controller. Electronic adjustments are available on the controller for field adjusting the unit as necessary.


Separately programmable Proportional, Integral, and Derivative gains are provided for tailoring governor response to many engine applications. Properly tuned, this governor delivers fast engine response to speed or load change while providing precise stable isochronous operation.

– Operating Voltage 24 VDC, +20%
– Circuit Boards Covered with a heavy conformal coating for moisture and vibration protection
– Connection Terminal strip
– Controller Ambient Operating Temperature -40° to + 180°F (-40° to +85°C)
– Circuit Boards Covered with a heavy conformal coating for moisture and vibration protection
– Temperature Stability Better than +0.5% over a temperature range of 40° to +167°F (-40° to +75°C)
– Steady State Speed Band +0.25%
– Adjustments Speed, Gain, Integral and Droop
– Mechanical Vibration Withstands the following vibration without failure or degraded performance: 0.06 inch double amplitude at 5 to 18 Hz; 1 G at 18 to 30 Hz; 0.02 inch double amplitude at 30 to 48 Hz; 2.5 G’s at 48 to 70 Hz

– Isochronous speed control
– Droop operation: 0 to 10% of set speed with 1/10 percent resolution
– User friendly / operator adjustable
– Precision frequency control: 0.25%
– Superior temperature stability
– Reverse battery protection
– Input voltage range: 9–30 VDC
– Smoke control on start up
– Remote setup
– Serial communications port

This governor can also provide droop speed control with 100 user selectable droop levels. The governor’s internal FAILSAFE reacts instantly to loss of the engine speed signal allowing the actuator to return to minimum fuel.

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