DSE E400

DSE E400

DSE E400

The DSE E400 is an easy to use engine controller designed to provide flexible control with built in monitoring and protection. The DSE E400 is compatible with both electronic and mechanical diesel engines. It is fully configurable for a wide range of applications such as engine driven pumps and compressors.


All of the engine control functions, including the engine start, speed and clutch control can be achieved both automatically & manually. The monitoring and configuration of the system variables allows the DSE E400 to start and stop the engine and increase and decrease engine speed as the output demand requires


On board event, data logging and trending makes it possible to determine preventative maintenance and improved performance criteria for the machine.


– Built-in governor control, flexible automatic start control
– Configurable digital inputs (4), configurable analogue inputs (7)
– 2 configurable DC outputs. 1 configurable analogue output. 2 configurable PWM/PWMI outputs
– Customisable multi instrumentation screens

– Provides automatic speed control
– Flexibility for starting from external sources
– Provides the option to tailor the operation to meet system demands
– Provides a comprehensive range of multiple monitoring options

– Overall size: 189 mm x 125 mm x 54 mm (7.5″ x 4.9″ x 2.1″)
– Panel cut out: 148 mm x 112 mm (5.8″ x 4.4″)

The DSEE400 is an IP67 rated engine control module that offers flexible control with built-in monitoring and protection. The control module is compatible with both electronic and mechanical diesel engines and be fully configured for a wide range of applications including engine driven pumps and compressors.


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  • Technical description
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  • User manual

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