EG & UG Range Actuators

EG & UG Range

EG Range

EG type actuators are used on diesel, gas, petrol or turbine engines. They are suitable for the control and regulation of thermal rotating machines requiring a mechanical reaction proportional to an electrical input of 0-200 mA. The EG actuator allows a fully compatible replacement with the UG8 regulator. It can be controlled by a 0/200mA signal from electronic control boxes type 2301A, 2301D, 723 … It can be supplied with an integrated magnetic sensor.

UG Range

UG actuators can be used on diesel, gasoline, gas and industrial steam and gas turbines. The UG-A type actuators have also been specially designed to be installed in place of the lUG-8 and UG-40 hydraulic regulators. 


Capable of developing torques ranging from 0.8 Ft-Lb to 40 Ft-Lb, these actuators are put together at the place of their predecessors without any modification. They are compatible with all electronic modules that can deliver a 0-200 mA control output.

Diesel, gas or turbine engines

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