EGB-PSG-PGPL Actuators


EGB Range

The EGB-2P and EGB-1P are for use with Woodward electronic controls or similar systems where a backup ballhead governor is desirable. While proportional actuators can be used in the same type of service as other actuator models, they are particularly well suited to engines operating in tandem to drive a common load.

PSG Range

The PSG governor is a speed-droop governor for controlling speed of small diesel, gas, and gasoline engines or small steam and industrial gas turbines, in isochrome mode or with droop. The governor is used to control engines or turbines driving alternators, dc generators, pumps, or compressors. Pressure compensation provides the PSG governor with the necessary stability to control isochronously.

PGPL Range

The PGPL Actuator/Driver is an electrohydraulic actuator with a proportional driver interface (purchased separately) which can be used with electronic controls providing a 0 to 200 mA position signal. The actuator is designed for use with Woodward 2301A series, 723-series, Peak® 150, and 505 digital controls. The driver converts a given electrical signal into a mA output to the actuator. This then drives the output shaft position through the action of a torque motor and follower-type pilot valve.

– Electrohydraulic actuator
– Mechanical hydraulic governor
– Single or tandem operation
– Direct-acting or reverse-acting actuator output

– Isochronous or droop control
– Pressure compensated
– Lever, motor, or pneumatic speedsetting
– Temperature compensated
– Torsional vibration filter
– Rotary or linear output
– Cast iron or aluminum case

– Proportional electric/hydraulic actuator
– Rotary or linear output
– Works with all Woodward 0-200 mA outputs
– Self-contained oil supply
– Integral magnetic pickup available

Shielded immersion heater Incoloy 800 ® with a very specific low load (7,5W/cm² → 1,5Kw – 48 W/sq in)
– Power available: from 0.5Kw to 2Kw
– Voltages available: 120V, 230V

The actuator may be equipped with a special gear and magnetic pickup, using the governor drive to sense engine speed.

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