EM Range

EM Range

EM 80/-300

The system is intended for use on large gasoline, diesel or gas engines and on all types of turbines, to control the position of the engine injection racks, the position of the turbine injection racks, the variable geometry of the turbine and of the turbocharger and to carry out the ignition control.

Control device

The drive EM controls the position of the actuator EM-80 / -300 proportional to a position request signal received from a control device. The EM-80 / -300 actuator consists of a high-performance, three-phase AC motor that drives a precision gearbox with planetary gears.

Two versions available

The actuator is available in two versions: the EM-80 and the EM-300. Both consist of a high-performance three-phase AC brushless motor that drives a precision gearbox with planetary gears. A resolver on the motor provides a feedback signal.

– An actuator (supplied by Woodward), an EMI filter
– An attack circuit and a resolver cable (supplied by Woodward)
– Shielded power cables and shielded motor drive cables
– A metallic box
– A 15-pin and 25-pin filter and D-connector adapters (supplied by Woodward)
– A 24 volt DC power source protected

The actuators include:

– A mounting bracket for the engine or turbine
– An ISO 9409 actuator outlet flange
– An output position indicator

The EM-80 / -300 actuator provides an all-electric actuating system for various engine control applications.

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