FlowStart 0.5-2 kW



The FlowStart is an electric coolant engine heater for all types of water-cooled engines. It is a system universal, reliable, easy to install and maintenance free. The FlowStart is suitable for all industrial applications either stationary (generator sets) or mobile (heavy-duty vehicle).

Work in standby

The engine heater can be put into service a few hours before starting the engine or it can work in standby, in order to keep the engine permanently at the required temperature. This ensures an easy full power start whatever the ambient temperature and avoids cold start mechanical damages.


The system has also following advantages: fuel savings, decreasing pollution, reduced engine wear, no more difficult cold starts.

– Aluminium AS9U3 injected heating unit with impregnation treatment
– PA66 protection covers
– 200 cm (6,6 ft) power cable
– Inlet/Outlet: 5/8’’ (16 mm) hose barb water outlet and inlet

– Thermostat for water temperature regulation with fixed setpoint with breaking capacity of 25A, 100.000 cycles
– Available temperature ranges:

  • 35 ° C – 50 ° C / 95 ° F – 122 ° F
  • 34 ° C – 40 ° C / 93.2 ° F – 104 ° F

– Glandless circulation pump
– Flow rate: 300L/h @ 1m height manometer (1,3 GPM @ 1,5 PSI)
– Voltage: 120V to 230V
– Frequency: 50 Hz and 60 Hz
– IPX7 ingress protection level available

– Low watt density heating element (7,5W/cm² → 1,5Kw – 48 W/sq in)
– Available powers: de 0,5Kw à 2Kw
– Available voltages: 120V, 230V

Carlor Engineering quickly became the leader in this field with the assets of a small company: reactivity, adaptation to market demand, quality and reliability.


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