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In the field of inclinometers, LEVEL DEVELOPMENTS is rapidly expanding and aim to be the leading worldwide manufacturer in the coming years.  Their strength comes from the in depth knowledge of these specialised products and their application in a wide range of engineering sectors. Their standard wide range of products combined with flexibility in design and manufacture means they can find solutions to most levelling and angle measurement requirements.

They are a steadily expanding company specialising in the manufacture of levels, level vials, electronic level sensors, and inclinometers for measuring angles.

They are an engineering and manufacturing company and they enjoy the process of designing not just our products, but their manufacturing and quality control processes. That passion and the control it gives them ensure that their products are built efficiently, to the highest possible standard, and delivered on time.

In the specialised field of precision ground glass level vials and opto-electronic level sensors, they are the leading worldwide manufacturer.

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