ProAct Range

ProAct Range


The ProAct™ Digital Controller is an electric controller designed to provide accurate electronic control and regulation of gasoline and diesel engines. ProAct I is designed for direct coupling to the butterfly valve shaft of small gasoline engines and diesel engines requiring torque less than 1,4 Nm (1.0 lb-ft) to be operated. ProAct II is designed to control almost all diesel engines and larger carburetor gasoline engines.

Digital electrical circuit

The ProAct digital electrical circuit includes parameters for static or isochronous applications. It is possible to set start, idle and nominal speeds. Available with separate timing for nominal speed and idle speed. It is possible to vary the speed via an external input. The speed variation range (increase or decrease) can also be adjusted.

Fuel Limitation

Fuel limitations can be imposed for zero load, full load, startup (fuel limit at startup) and idle modes. A torque limitation with two slopes is available. Separate ramp times can be set for acceleration and deceleration. Nominal speeds, slow down, high and low limits are also easily definable.

– 75° rotary output allows direct coupling to butterfly, eliminating linkage
– All-electric actuator requires no drive or hydraulic supply
– Programmable digital electronics permit tailoring control to various applications
– Actuators are extremely fast, electronically positioned in both directions
– Alternate dynamics for dual fuel applications or cogen/standby
– 3 speed-activated switches
– Start fuel limit and maximum fuel limit for derating
– Manifold pressure fuel limiting and two-slope torque limiting

The integrated ProAct ™ (ISC) speed controller is an electric actuator with integrated electronics capable of controlling and managing the speed of a diesel or gas engine.

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