Q2C Wiring Solution

Q2C Wiring Solution


The Q2C wiring solution reduces wiring time by at least 80% whilst also ensuring error-free installation. With the Q2C wiring solution, you can quickly and easily connect Intergra Ci5 Digital Metering System (DMS) and 3-in-1 current transformers.

Fast installation

The Q2C wiring solution provides simple yet fast installation utilising plug-in connections and pre-cut wiring looms, which allow the installer to easily connect the digital meter and the current transformer to the incoming or outgoing supply.

– Voltage in and out connection,
– Pulsed and RS485 Modbus RTU fitted as standard,
– Programmable CT ratio,
– Self powered, no need for additional auxiliary supply for screen display operation.

The Q2C is a complete wiring solution with integral connectors and earthing.

To read the technical documents, please click on the links below:

  • Technical description
  • Installation manual
  • User manual
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