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SELCO develops, manufactures and sells electronic equipment to the following applications:

  • Power Generation and Control
  • Engine Control & Protection
  • Process Alarm Monitoring
  • Engine Diagnostics

The SELCO range of products is designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and is suitable for use in both land and offshore applications.

SELCO’s research and development team continuously maintains and further develops our products by using the latest technological development tools. This work ensures that systems based on SELCO equipment provide high flexibility, easy troubleshooting and require little or no maintenance. We believe that the concept provides the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

SELCO products are known to be of high quality and reliability and comply with the demands from all major marine classification societies as well as I.E.C. standards. The products are inspected by highly skilled and qualified personnel. All equipment undergoes fifty hours of burn-in before final test and inspection.

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