TM-25LP & TM-200LP

TM-25LP & TM-200LP

Electric-hydraulic actuators

The TM-25LP and TM-200LP actuators are electric-hydraulic, proportional actuators for positioning steam and fuel-control valves requiring low/high force linear inputs. The factory setting determines if the actuator output shaft extends or retracts on increasing current.

Linear movement

The TM-25/200LP actuators provide 25 mm (1 inch) of linear movement of valves for steam or gas turbines. The actuators have aluminum cases and through-hardened stainless-steel internal parts. A 40 μm low-capacity screen is provided in the supply inlet fitting to protect the torque motor servovalve in case of failure of the external filter.


A 40 μm low-capacity screen is mounted in the inlet fitting to protect the servo valve with torque motor in the event of an external filter failure. The units are intended for use with centrifugal or fixed displacement pumps delivering hydraulic pressure.

– The dual-coil actuator has an optional position-feedback transducer
– A dual-coil torque motor is optional for redundancy
– The actuators are calibrated at the factory for bias in the minimum-fuel direction in event of the loss of input current

– Proportional electric-hydraulic
– 25 mm (1 inch) linear output
– Maximum work ratings from 72 to 231 J (53 to 170 ft-lb)
– Corrosion resistant construction

– Models are available with certification for Canada hazardous locations
– Models are available with listings for United States hazardous locations
– Models are available compliant with the applicable CE Directives
– Models are available with TIIS and KGS certification for use in hazardous locations

The units will operate with either centrifugal or fixed-displacement type pumps providing hydraulic pressure.

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