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Technology excites DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS and is at the heart of their business.

DSE software engineers, hardware engineers and procurement specialists never stop looking at what’s coming next in component, display, processor and communication technologies to make new product concepts the best they can be. To improve the company’s overall quality level, DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS promises to deliver the product within a few working days of receiving an order. Once the final assembly is completed, it tests each unit before it leaves the factory.

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– Manual modules: DSE 701 MKII and DSE 702
– Automatic module: DSE 3110
– Complete automatic module: DSE 7310MKII

Automatic modules without display: DSE 4510/4520MKII
Complete automatic module: DSE 7320 MKII

– Automatic module without display: DSE 335

– Advanced Module: DSE 103 MKII

Supported by ISO 9002 certification, DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS assures all its customers that all products have passed the same stringent tests and production methods.


To contact customer support, please send an email or call + 33 (0) 492 38 88 20.

To contact a sales representative, please send an email or call +33 (0) 492 38 88 20.

Our business partner

Throughout their 40-year history, they have invested heavily in people, processes and research & development to ensure DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS continues to enhance its reputation across world markets. They develop and manufacture a range of over 140 different products that provide flexible control solutions for multiple applications. They are focused on accuracy throughout each individual stage of the manufacturing process.


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