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MEGACON, founded in 1974 in Norway, was born from a group of international companies, each offering their experience and knowledge in the design and manufacture of innovative electronic products.

MEGACON has been ISO 9001 certified since 1991. Its quality approach from product design enables many of them to obtain Lloyd’s Register of Shipping or Det Norske Veritas certification.

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– Relay with display, DIN rail mounted relay: voltage relay (KCV, MCV), current relay (KCC, KEC), power relay, current differential (KPC) and protection,
– Isolation monitors: ISOPAK, KPM 163 and KPM 165.

Generator set coupling: false paralleling relay, synchronizers, charge controller (MCE105D), electronic potentiometers (MXR).

– Power converters,
– Various converters,
– Temperature monitoring (KPM model).

Through dialogue and collaboration with our customers, MEGACON offers flexibility on product specifications and remains at the forefront of the industry.


To contact the customer support, please send an email or call +33 (0) 492 38 88 20.

To contact a sales representative, please send an email or call +33 (0) 492 38 88 20.

Our business partner

MEGACON is an international group of owned and associated companies that, in partnership, combine their multidisciplinary technical and business skills, experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture and marketing of new electronic products.

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